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Quick Facts

School Hours: 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM 
School 1st bell: 8:55 AM Students line up on the yard and enter with their classmates
School Yard Supervision Starts at 8:45 AM
Grade Distribution: JK to Grade 8
Student Enrollment: 270

Our Parish

St. Francis-St. Martin Catholic Parish
46 Cathcart Street, London, ON, N6C 3L7

About Our School

Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School opened its doors in September 1947 with an enrollment of only 47 students. The original building had only four classrooms, but with such a small number of students only two classrooms were needed during the first year.
Enrollment climbed quickly and by 1955 the number of students registered at Holy Rosary reached almost 200.

Consequently a fifth classroom was constructed in the school’s basement. The next year a four-room addition was built, and in the years to come a kitchen-canteen, a gymnasium and a stage were added.
The majority of our students were born in Canada but we also enjoy the multi-cultural richness brought to us by our students who were born in other countries.​


Holy Rosary Catholic School is a three-story building that has:
  • 1 School Office for Secretary and Principal
  • 9 Grade 1-8 classrooms (1 portable); 2 FDK classrooms
  • 1 Library 
  • 1 Gymnasium 
  • 1 YMCA Before/After-School Program - Runs in the FDK2 classroom #13
  • 1 Breakfast Program and English-Language Learner Support Room
  • 1 Canteen
  • 1 Staff Lounge
  • 1 Room used for Resource Support
Note: On Saturday mornings, the LDCSB International Polish School are a welcome part of our school community and run throughout our school building. Please contact the Centre for Lifelong Learning should you have any questions about the Polish International School.

Living Our Faith

Holy Rosary Catholic School is a vibrant, Christ-Centred community. We engage in daily prayer, and have a strong School/Parish connection with St. Francis and St. Martin Catholic Parish. In addition to our monthly Masses and Classroom Liturgies, we celebrate the Sacraments of First Communion and First Penance in Grade 2, and the Sacrament of Confirmation in Grade 8.
(Currently on Hold) We also welcome our Parish Team on Fridays to discuss the weekly Gospel, and engage in monthly praying of the Rosary with the Living Rosary Team.
Holy Rosary welcomes many partnerships, including:
  • Parent / Guardian Volunteers
  • Althouse College
  • UWO
  • Values, Influences and Peers (VIP) with London Police Services
  • Thames Valley Children’s Centre (TVCC)
  • Child and Parent Research Institute (CPRI)
  • Vanier Children’s Services
  • Craigwood Youth Services
  • Community Services Coordination Network (CSCN)
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care Outpatients (LHSC)
  • Merrymount Family Support and Crisis Centre
  • Children’s Aid Society (CAS)
  • School Community Intervention Partnership (SCIP).

Transportation Information

A number of our students live within walking distance of our school but since we take in a large geographical area, we have two school bus routes.
Sharp Bus Lines - Bus #1 Route# 8652202 and Bus #2 - Route #8625802.  Their office number 519-914-5170.
Our bussing information is provided by South Western Ontario Student Transportation Services (STS).
All bussing assignment inquiries can be directed to STS by phone, at (519) 649-1160 or on their website www.mybigyellowbus.ca.

School Safety

To promote safety at our school, we conduct daily attendance checks under the Safe Arrival Program, reinforce the School Code of Conduct and Dress Code as required by Ministry regulation, follow the Progressive Discipline Model, and conduct required Evacuation and Containment drills with the children and staff.
We have procedures for moving in, out, and throughout our building, with expectations for all students.
We engage in safety programs, such as Children’s Safety Village, Buster the Bus, Bus Evacuation,
Safety Patrollers, and Safe Play Zones on the school yard.​  Some programs are offered virtually and onsite programs are currently on hold.

YMCA Before and After School Care Program

How to Register

1) Visit the One-List and complete the online waitlist application indicating the location and type of care you require.

2) Once you have submitted your application through the One-List,

a YMCA Director will contact you and provide information on next steps in the registration process.